Want to buy CBD Oil in Florida? Is it legal to buy cbd in Florida? Get the Facts

People in Florida are searching online and at stores that claim they sell cbd based hemp oil. In Florida the state recently approved laws that encourage the use and sake if cbd hemp based oil. The industrial hemp plant is extracted from JustCBD it create a powerful cbd isolate which is then infused into our products like cbd vape oil which is a perfect way to does cbd.

Can You Legally Buy & Travel with CBD in Florida

In 2014 then President Obama signed into law the Federal Farm Bill which allows fares to grow the hemp plant. The hemp plant has over 2,000 uses including making concrete from hemp to build houses. Also in the legislation which effects the Sunshine State is CBD, and yes you can by over counter cbd as long as it produced from the hemp plant.

History of hemp used for industrial purposes article from MIT discusses the use of hemp over the years. As one of the strongest fibers in the world hemp been used for 6000 years from creating rope, clothes, housing has produced over 5000 textile products. Hemp has been grown in Florida since 1957, as the laws ease of the hemp industry Florida is in perfect position to take advantage.

2018 Florida CBD Oil Hemp Law

In 2014 Florida passed their version of the hemp act which encouraged Florida Farmers grow hemp and research on cbd benefits. Then in 2016 Florida approved medical cannabis in the Sunshine State. As the cannabis and cbd industry continue progress we will update you on all law changes

How do you purchase cbd oil in Florida

With the rapid rise of cbd sales throughout the country consumers in Florida are seeking where they can buy cbd tinctures. Most of these products are sold in smoke shops or head shops you can also find them sold online. Some of the cbd products carried in these stores are not full hemp extracts, do your research when looking in stores or online for a quality cbd store

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